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Welcome to The Resting Nomad


The Resting Nomad is a celebration of the nomadic spirit which every traveler, wanderer, and light-hearted adventure seeker shares.  For us, food is one of the most important expressions of place and time which every traveler experiences in the cafes, bistros, and restaurants of each culture that they pass through.  When it is finally time to rest, the Nomads strongest longing is for the foods that bring us comfort and replenishment; those flavors that remind us of home.


The Resting Nomad seeks to bring you the feeling of home through combining interesting flavors with those foods that you know and love.  To replenish you to continue on your journey of exploration and new experience.  To provide you with a little comfort in the midst of the unknown.


The Resting Nomad encourages you to come and spend time.  Our space is set up with power at all seating locations and we have complimentary WIFI.  Besides our amazing food selections, we offer Beer, Wine and Espresso.  Bring your computer, sit down, order a drink and finish those last-minute tasks, edit some amazing photos or just hang out with some good friends after a fun day in the mountains.

Happy Hour

5-6PM daily


Come, Enjoy a drink or meal, Edit those photos or Just hang out with some good friends after a fun day in the mountains.


Located inside the Best Western Premier High Sierra Hotel

3228 Main Street, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546